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Item Report for 02/06

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  1. b. Robert Forrest Grady (Spec) Towns (USA/Georgia) on 2/6/1914
  2. b. Ira James Murchison (USA/US Army) on 2/6/1933
  3. b. Antoni Siwiec (POL) on 2/6/1943
  4. b. Aalo Eller (URS) on 2/6/1944
  5. b. Zenon Nowosz (POL) on 2/6/1944
  6. b. Jeff Norman (GBR) on 2/6/1945
  7. b. Virgil Tibulski (ROM) on 2/6/1945
  8. b. Georgi Mlyakov (BEL) on 2/6/1947
  9. b. Zig Strauts (CAN) on 2/6/1947
  10. b. Bernhard Thomas (GDR) on 2/6/1947
  11. b. Yuval Wischnizer (ISR) on 2/6/1947
  12. b. Mark Gibbens (USA) on 2/6/1948
  13. b. Anatoliy Moroz (URS) on 2/6/1948
  14. b. Vello Lumi (URS) on 2/6/1949
  15. b. Rolf Karevik (SWE) on 2/6/1952
  16. b. Ric Rojas (USA) on 2/6/1952
  17. b. Vladimir Kanev (BUL) on 2/6/1954
  18. b. Mike Weeks (USA) on 2/6/1954
  19. b. Linus Ngetich (KEN) on 2/6/1955
  20. b. Bob Prince (USA) on 2/6/1955
  21. b. Ralf Salzmann (GER) on 2/6/1955
  22. b. Ken Lorraway (AUS) on 2/6/1956
  23. b. Mark Holtom (GBR) on 2/6/1958
  24. b. Greg Simons (BER) on 2/6/1958
  25. USA NR set by John Curtis Thomas (USA/Boston University) in the High Jump on 2/6/1960 with a performance of 2.17im (7-1 1/2) in Boston, Massachusetts
  26. b. Andrew Garnham (AUS) on 2/6/1960
  27. b. Besik Gotsiridze (GEO) on 2/6/1961
  28. b. Ryszard Ostrowski (POL) on 2/6/1961
  29. b. Mikhail Romanyuk (UKR) on 2/6/1962
  30. b. Lyndon Sands (BAH) on 2/6/1964
  31. b. Rob Van Helden (NED) on 2/6/1965
  32. b. Brandon Richards (USA) on 2/6/1967
  33. b. Clinton Bufuku (ZAM) on 2/6/1972
  34. b. Vladimir Maska (CZE) on 2/6/1973
  35. b. Lizhi Zhen (CHN) on 2/6/1973
  36. b. Solange Witteveen (ARG) on 2/6/1976
  37. USA NR set by Joni Huntley (USA/Oregon TC) in the High Jump on 2/6/1981 with a performance of 1.95im (6-4 3/4i) in New York, New York
  38. USA NR set by Billy Olson (USA/Abilene Christian) in the Pole Vault on 2/6/1982 with a performance of 5.72im (18-9 1/4) in Louisville, Kentucky
  39. b. Ian Dobson (USA) on 2/6/1982
  40. b. Jennifer Stuczynski (USA) on 2/6/1982
  41. b. Keila Costa (BRA) on 2/6/1983
  42. b. Franck De Almeida (BRA) on 2/6/1983
  43. b. Lohan Rautenbach (RSA) on 2/6/1986
  44. b. Lejerald Betters (USA) on 2/6/1988
  45. b. Martin Waweru (KEN) on 2/6/1988

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