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Item Report for 03/24

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  1. USA NR set by Katherine Prime (USA/Florida State) in the Discus Throw (2.75 pounds / 1.255 kg) on 3/24/1924 with a performance of 31.11m (102-0 3/4) held at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida
  2. b. William Franklin (Bill) Porter II (USA/Northwestern University) on 3/24/1926
  3. USA NR set by John (Jack) Torrance (USA/Louisiana State) in the Shot Put on 3/24/1934 with a performance of 16.30m (53-6) in the SW Relays in Lafayette, Louisiana
  4. WR set by John (Jack) Torrance (USA) in the Shot Put on 3/24/1934 with a performance of 16.30m (53-6) in the SW Relays in Lafayette, Louisiana
  5. b. Jiri Kynos (CZE) on 3/24/1943
  6. b. Mike Butler (USA) on 3/24/1947
  7. b. Aleksandr Demidovich (URS) on 3/24/1947
  8. b. Leslie Miller (BAH) on 3/24/1948
  9. b. Jim Judd (USA) on 3/24/1952
  10. b. Emmerich Huber (GER) on 3/24/1953
  11. b. Richard Mitchell (AUS) on 3/24/1955
  12. b. Kasimir Zalar (SWE) on 3/24/1957
  13. b. Jerome Deal (USA) on 3/24/1958
  14. b. Istvan Tatar (HUN) on 3/24/1958
  15. b. Todd Harbour (USA) on 3/24/1959
  16. b. Larry Mangan (USA) on 3/24/1959
  17. b. Renaldo Nehemiah (USA/DC International/Maryland) on 3/24/1959
  18. b. Vasiliy Makhonin (UKR) on 3/24/1960
  19. b. Ryszard Stoch (POL) on 3/24/1962
  20. b. Steve Kerho (CAN) on 3/24/1964
  21. b. Floyd Wayne Heard (USA) on 3/24/1966
  22. b. Roberto Ferrari (ITA) on 3/24/1967
  23. b. Eugene Greene (BAH) on 3/24/1969
  24. b. Javier Caballero (ESP) on 3/24/1972
  25. USA NR set by Steve R. Prefontaine (USA/Oregon) in the Six Mile Run on 3/24/1973 with a performance of 27:09.4 in Bakersfield, California
  26. b. Sergey Klyugin (RUS) on 3/24/1974
  27. b. Sarah Jamieson (AUS) on 3/24/1975
  28. b. Gunnar Pfingsten (GER) on 3/24/1975
  29. b. David Salvati (FRA) on 3/24/1975
  30. b. Nicolas Jolivet (FRA) on 3/24/1977
  31. b. Yonas Kifle (ERI) on 3/24/1977
  32. b. Philip Manyim (KEN) on 3/24/1978
  33. b. Eric N'Dri (CIV) on 3/24/1978
  34. b. Aleksandr Derevyagin (RUS) on 3/24/1979
  35. b. Pavel Lyzhyn (BLR) on 3/24/1981
  36. USA NR set by Terri Turner (USA/Unattached) in the Triple Jump on 3/24/1984 with a performance of 13.15m (43-1 3/4) in Austin, Texas
  37. b. Benjamin Kipkurui (KEN) on 3/24/1984
  38. WR set by Patrik Lars Boden (SWE) in the Javelin Throw - New (01 APR 1986) on 3/24/1990 with a performance of 89.10m in the University Quadrangular held at Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas

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