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Item Report for 09/22

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  1. WR set by George R. Gray (CAN) in the Shot Put on 9/22/1888 with a performance of 13.38m (43-10 3/4) in the NYAC Fall Games held at Travers Island in New York, New York
  2. USA NR set by Wilson Coudon (USA/New York Athletic Club) in the Hammer Throw on 9/22/1888 with a performance of 35.90m (117-9 1/2) in New York, New York
  3. WR set by Eric Valdemar Lemming (SWE) in the Javelin Throw - Old on 9/22/1907 with a performance of 54.15m in the International Meeting held at Idrottsparken in Stockholm
  4. b. Leonard Graves (Buddy) Edelen (USA/Chelmsford AC/Olympic Club) on 9/22/1937
  5. b. Otis Ray (Ray) Norton (USA/San Jose State/Santa Clara VYV) on 9/22/1937
  6. b. Gernot Hirscht (FRG) on 9/22/1942
  7. b. Rafael Cano (ESP) on 9/22/1943
  8. b. Adrian Weatherhead (GBR) on 9/22/1943
  9. b. Valeriy Kasyanov (URS) on 9/22/1946
  10. b. Gerard Delalandre (FRA) on 9/22/1947
  11. b. Horst Zech (FRG) on 9/22/1950
  12. b. Billy Novo (USA) on 9/22/1951
  13. b. Lothar Gora (GER) on 9/22/1954
  14. b. Roger De Vogel (BEL) on 9/22/1955
  15. b. Maxwell Peters (ANT) on 9/22/1955
  16. USA NR set by Franklin Wesley (Bud) Held (USA/Olympic Club) in the Javelin Throw - Old on 9/22/1956 with a performance of 82.30m (270-0) in Pasadena, California
  17. b. Kyle Arney (USA) on 9/22/1956
  18. b. Reidar Lorentzen (NOR) on 9/22/1956
  19. b. Uwe Monkemeyer (GER) on 9/22/1959
  20. USA NR set by Earlene Brown (USA/Southern Pacific Association AAU) in the Shot Put 4kg on 9/22/1960 with a performance of 16.69m (54-9) in Frankfurt
  21. b. David McFadgen (USA) on 9/22/1960
  22. b. Ian Stewart-2 (GBR) on 9/22/1960
  23. b. Peter Wekesa (KEN) on 9/22/1961
  24. b. Ali Belghazi (ALG) on 9/22/1962
  25. b. Antonio Sanchez (ESP) on 9/22/1963
  26. b. Bernhard Bensch (GER) on 9/22/1964
  27. b. Treg Scott (USA) on 9/22/1964
  28. b. Christian Weber (CAN) on 9/22/1966
  29. b. Manny Newman (USA) on 9/22/1967
  30. b. Alberto Manzano (CUB) on 9/22/1972
  31. b. Michael Nolan (CAN) on 9/22/1973
  32. b. Aliecer Urrutia (CUB) on 9/22/1974
  33. b. Gennadiy Gorbyenko (UKR) on 9/22/1975
  34. b. Nicole Mladenis (AUS) on 9/22/1975
  35. b. Alexander Greaux (PUR) on 9/22/1977
  36. b. Sherman Armstrong (USA) on 9/22/1978
  37. b. Jebreh Harris (USA) on 9/22/1978
  38. WR set by Jianhua Zhu (CHN) in the High Jump on 9/22/1983 with a performance of 2.38m in the National Meeting held at Hongkou Stadium in Shangai
  39. WR set by Ulf Timmermann (GDR) in the Shot Put on 9/22/1985 with a performance of 22.62m in the World Cup Test held at Dynamo Stadium in Berlin
  40. OR set by Robert Korzeniowski (POL) in the 20,000 meters Race Walk - Men on 9/22/2000 with a performance of 1:18:59 in the XXVII Olympic Games held at Olympic Stadium in Sydney

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