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Item Report for 04/21

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  1. b. Marcus Snowell (Marc) Wright (USA/Dartmouth) on 4/21/1890
  2. USA NR set by Mary C. Ayer (USA/Bryn Mawr) in the Triple Jump on 4/21/1899 with a performance of 6.72m (22-0 1/2) in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
  3. WR set by Jose Eduardo Barrientos Schweyer (CUB) in the 100 meter dash on 4/21/1928 with a performance of 10.4 in the Cuban Championship in Havana
  4. USA NR set by John Carnahan Lyman (USA/Stanford) in the Shot Put on 4/21/1934 with a performance of 16.48m (54-1) in the Stanford - University of California Dual in Stanford, California
  5. WR set by John Carnahan Lyman (USA) in the Shot Put on 4/21/1934 with a performance of 16.48m (54-1) in the Stanford - University of California Dual held at Angell Field, Stanford Stadium in Stanford, California
  6. WR set by John (Jack) Torrance (USA) in the Shot Put on 4/21/1934 with a performance of 16.32m (53-6 1/2) held at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisana
  7. b. Colin Robinson (GBR) on 4/21/1940
  8. b. Franz-Josef Woltering (FRG) on 4/21/1942
  9. b. Phil Shinnick (USA) on 4/21/1943
  10. b. Bernd Madler (GDR) on 4/21/1944
  11. b. Eddie Canada (USA) on 4/21/1946
  12. b. Richard Newble (GBR) on 4/21/1946
  13. b. Jan-Ingvar Ohlsson (SWE) on 4/21/1946
  14. b. Greg Magee (USA) on 4/21/1947
  15. b. Juraj Lukac (TCH) on 4/21/1951
  16. b. Russell Bailey (USA) on 4/21/1957
  17. b. Rumen Stoyanov (BUL) on 4/21/1959
  18. b. Cyril Wyatt (USA) on 4/21/1959
  19. b. Julius Korir-2 (KEN) on 4/21/1960
  20. b. Glen Fink (USA) on 4/21/1961
  21. b. Mohamed Purnomo (INA) on 4/21/1961
  22. b. Alain Rene-Corail (FRA) on 4/21/1962
  23. b. Augustin Barbu (ROM) on 4/21/1963
  24. b. Yuriy Myshkin (RUS) on 4/21/1963
  25. b. Barbaro Torres (CUB) on 4/21/1963
  26. b. Bob Rockett (USA) on 4/21/1964
  27. b. Andres Silva (URU) on 4/21/1965
  28. b. Joseph Cheromei (KEN) on 4/21/1966
  29. b. Martin Jones (GBR) on 4/21/1967
  30. b. Emilio Valle (CUB) on 4/21/1967
  31. USA NR set by Wyomia Tyus (USA/Tennessee State) in the 100 meter dash on 4/21/1968 with a performance of 11.1 held at National Stadium in Mexico City
  32. b. Terril Davis (USA) on 4/21/1968
  33. b. David Kemboi (KEN) on 4/21/1969
  34. b. John Kibowen (KEN) on 4/21/1969
  35. b. Sergey Novozhilov (RUS) on 4/21/1969
  36. b. Ian Robinson (GBR) on 4/21/1969
  37. b. Jarkko Kinnunen (FIN) on 4/21/1970
  38. b. Richard Chelimo (KEN) on 4/21/1972
  39. b. Del Smutherman (USA) on 4/21/1972
  40. b. Andre Green (GER) on 4/21/1973
  41. b. Jonathan Nsenga (BEL) on 4/21/1973
  42. b. Daniele Banchini (ITA) on 4/21/1974
  43. b. Philip Mukomana (ZIM) on 4/21/1974
  44. b. Justin N'Koumazok (FRA) on 4/21/1975
  45. b. Valeriy Vasylyev (UKR) on 4/21/1976
  46. USA NR set by Teri Anderson (USA/Athletes in Action) in the 5,000 meter run on 4/21/1977 with a performance of 16:06.8 in Lawrence, Kansas
  47. b. Paul Kipsiele Koech (KEN) on 4/21/1977
  48. b. Yuliya Nosova/Pechonkina (RUS) on 4/21/1978
  49. b. Yuliya Pechonkina (RUS) on 4/21/1978
  50. b. Emilian Kaszczyk (POL) on 4/21/1980
  51. b. Suleiman Simotwo Kipses (KEN) on 4/21/1980
  52. b. Chris Baillie (GBR) on 4/21/1981
  53. b. Okkert Cilliers (RSA) on 4/21/1981
  54. b. Vytautas Seliukas (LIT) on 4/21/1982
  55. b. Michael Tinsley (USA) on 4/21/1984
  56. b. Geoffrey Rono (KEN) on 4/21/1987
  57. d. J. Kenneth (Ken) Doherty (USA/Cadillac AC)

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