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Item Report for 10/24

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  1. USA NR set by Frank Brown (USA/Yale) in the 400 meter dash on 10/24/1877 with a performance of 54.0 in New Haven, Connecticut
  2. USA NR set by Edward Merritt (USA/New York Athletic Club) in the 1 Mile run on 10/24/1877 with a performance of 4:43.75 in Mott Haven, New York
  3. b. William Arthur (Bill) Carr (USA/Pennsylvania) on 10/24/1909
  4. b. James Henry (Jim) Peters (GBR) on 10/24/1918
  5. b. Jesus Bartolome (ESP) on 10/24/1943
  6. b. Yuriy Kashkarev (URS) on 10/24/1946
  7. b. Roger Lespagnard (BEL) on 10/24/1946
  8. b. Paul Lightfoot (GBR) on 10/24/1946
  9. b. Wayne Jensen (USA) on 10/24/1948
  10. b. Mario Vecchiato (ITA) on 10/24/1948
  11. b. Don Coleman (USA) on 10/24/1951
  12. b. Geoff Smith (GBR) on 10/24/1953
  13. b. Aleksandr Stasevich (RUS) on 10/24/1953
  14. b. Raymond Van Paemel (BEL) on 10/24/1956
  15. b. Nick Brooks (GBR) on 10/24/1958
  16. b. Wolfgang Richter (GER) on 10/24/1958
  17. b. Mark Scrutton (GBR) on 10/24/1958
  18. b. Yunpeng Liu (CHN) on 10/24/1962
  19. b. Andreas Zwanzig (GER) on 10/24/1962
  20. b. Eckhardt Ruter (GER) on 10/24/1963
  21. WR set by Chia-Chuan Chen (CHN) in the 100 meter dash on 10/24/1965 with a performance of 10.0 in the National Meeting held at Workers Stadium in Chungking
  22. b. Hillary Korir (KEN) on 10/24/1965
  23. b. Jesus Malave (VEN) on 10/24/1965
  24. b. Dirk Schweisfurth (GER) on 10/24/1965
  25. b. Pedro Ferreira Da Silva (BRA) on 10/24/1966
  26. b. Andrea Pegoraro (ITA) on 10/24/1966
  27. WR set by Christos Papanikolaou (GRE) in the Pole Vault on 10/24/1970 with a performance of 5.49m in the City Match held at Athinal -Beograd Karaiskakis Stadium in Athens
  28. b. David Kipkorir Mandago (KEN) on 10/24/1970
  29. b. Todd Riech (USA) on 10/24/1970
  30. b. Diane Guthrie-Gresham (JAM) on 10/24/1971
  31. b. Matt Hemingway (USA) on 10/24/1972
  32. b. Jason Hendrix (USA) on 10/24/1972
  33. b. Shane Hair (AUS) on 10/24/1975
  34. b. Victor Moya (CUB) on 10/24/1982
  35. b. Christian Reif (GER) on 10/24/1984
  36. b. Eduard Malchenko (RUS) on 10/24/1986
  37. b. Hayis Weldai (ERI) on 10/24/1989
  38. b. Vicky Parnov (AUS) on 10/24/1990
  39. WR set by Khalid Khannouchi (MAR) in the Marathon on 10/24/1999 with a performance of 2:05:42 in the Chicago Marathon in Chicago, Illinois

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