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Item Report for 10/01

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  1. WR set by William Joseph Murphy Barry (GBR) in the Hammer Throw on 10/1/1885 with a performance of 36.27m (119-0) in New York, New York
  2. WR set by William Joseph Murphy Barry (GBR) in the Hammer Throw on 10/1/1887 with a performance of 37.06m (121-7) in the Annual Fall Games of the NYAC held at Mott Haven in New York, New York
  3. b. Bill McKim (GBR) on 10/1/1941
  4. b. John Warhurst (GBR) on 10/1/1944
  5. b. Fred Fox (USA) on 10/1/1945
  6. b. Ewa Klobukowska (POL) on 10/1/1946
  7. b. Larry McCready (USA) on 10/1/1947
  8. b. Andre van Heerden (RSA) on 10/1/1948
  9. b. Yuriy Balandin (URS) on 10/1/1952
  10. b. Gabor Katona (HUN) on 10/1/1952
  11. b. Axel Schaper (FRG) on 10/1/1953
  12. b. Grete Anderson-Waitz (NOR) on 10/1/1953
  13. USA NR set by Richard Hart (USA/Collegiate TFC) in the Six Mile Run on 10/1/1955 with a performance of 29:33.6 in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
  14. USA NR set by Harold Vincent (Hal) Connolly (USA/Boston AA) in the Hammer Throw on 10/1/1955 with a performance of 63.88m (209-7) in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  15. b. Davison Lishebo (ZAM) on 10/1/1955
  16. b. Hans-Jurgen Pollack (GDR) on 10/1/1955
  17. WR set by William Parry O'Brien Jr. (USA) in the Shot Put on 10/1/1956 with a performance of 19.25m (63-2) in the Pre-Olympic Test held at Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California
  18. b. Bilko Kacar (YUG) on 10/1/1956
  19. b. Bill Copeland (USA) on 10/1/1957
  20. WR set by Manfred Germar (GER) in the 200 meter dash on 10/1/1958 with a performance of 20.6 in the International Meeting held at Stadium Zoo in Wuppertal
  21. b. Greg Orman (USA) on 10/1/1960
  22. b. Robert Schneider (GER) on 10/1/1960
  23. b. Vladimir Bukhanov (UKR) on 10/1/1961
  24. b. Peter O'Donoghue (AUS) on 10/1/1961
  25. b. Ronny Olsson (SWE) on 10/1/1961
  26. b. David Hodge (USA) on 10/1/1962
  27. b. Terry Strouf (USA) on 10/1/1966
  28. b. Radoman Scekic (YUG) on 10/1/1967
  29. b. Sergey Yesipchuk (UKR) on 10/1/1967
  30. b. Michael Nejedly (CZE) on 10/1/1969
  31. b. Moses Kiptanui (KEN) on 10/1/1970
  32. b. Melinda Gainsford-Taylor (AUS) on 10/1/1971
  33. b. Rachid Chekhemani (FRA) on 10/1/1973
  34. b. Derek Scurry (USA) on 10/1/1973
  35. b. Eric Frempong (CAN) on 10/1/1975
  36. b. Christian Knoblich (GER) on 10/1/1976
  37. b. Loic Letellier (FRA) on 10/1/1976
  38. b. Younes Moudrik (MAR) on 10/1/1977
  39. b. Dwight Phillips (USA) on 10/1/1977
  40. b. Surendra Singh Kumar (IND) on 10/1/1978
  41. b. Kazuki Ishikura (JPN) on 10/1/1980
  42. b. Tosin Oke (GBR) on 10/1/1980
  43. b. Adrian Findlay (JAM) on 10/1/1982
  44. b. Sergio Sanchez (ESP) on 10/1/1982
  45. b. Sheena Johnson-Tosta (USA) on 10/1/1982
  46. b. Andreas Kundert (SUI) on 10/1/1984
  47. b. Daniel Gitau (KEN) on 10/1/1987
  48. OR set by Paula Ille-Ivan (ROM) in the 1,500 meter run on 10/1/1988 with a performance of 3:53.96 in the XXIV Olympic Games held at Olympic Stadium in Seoul
  49. OR set by Jurgen Schult (GDR) in the Discus Throw on 10/1/1988 with a performance of 68.82m in the XXIV Olympic Games held at Olympic Stadium in Seoul
  50. b. Robin Schembera (GER) on 10/1/1988

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