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Item Report for 07/18

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  1. b. Mack Robinson (USA/Pasadena CC) on 7/18/1914
  2. WR set by Jonni T. Myyra (FIN) in the Javelin Throw - Old on 7/18/1915 with a performance of 64.81m in the National Meeting in Lappeenranta
  3. USA NR set by Elizabeth Nelson (USA/Pasadena A & CC) in the 200 meter dash on 7/18/1925 with a performance of 27.2 in San Francisco, California
  4. USA NR set by Helen Filkey (USA/Chicago WHT Radio) in the Long Jump on 7/18/1925 with a performance of 5.19m (17-0 1/2) in San Francisco, California
  5. USA NR set by Helen Filkey (USA/Chicago WHT Radio) in the Long Jump on 7/18/1925 with a performance of 5.19m (17-0 1/4) in San Francisco, California
  6. b. Shirley Barbara Strickland (AUS) on 7/18/1925
  7. WR set by Paavo Ilmari Yrjola (FIN) in the Decathlon - Men on 7/18/1926 with a performance of 7820.93 in Viipuri
  8. USA NR set by Helen Filkey (USA/Illinois Women's AC) in the 80 Meter Hurdles (8 Hurdles at 2 feet 6 inches) on 7/18/1931 with a performance of 12.3 in Chicago, Illinois
  9. WR set by Ilmari R. Salminen (FIN) in the 10,000 meter run on 7/18/1937 with a performance of 30:05.6 in the National Meeting held at Kouvola Sports Ground in Kouvola
  10. b. Allen Harrison (AUS) on 7/18/1942
  11. WR set by Arne Andersson (SWE) in the 1 Mile run on 7/18/1944 with a performance of 4.01.6 in the National Meeting held at Idrottsplats in Malmo
  12. b. David Peter Hemery (GBR) on 7/18/1944
  13. b. Risto Miettinen (FIN) on 7/18/1944
  14. b. Clarence Johnson (USA) on 7/18/1947
  15. b. Pekka Tarvainen (FIN) on 7/18/1947
  16. b. Jens Wollenberg (FRG) on 7/18/1947
  17. b. Vaclav Sirc (CZE) on 7/18/1948
  18. b. Marat Yarulin (RUS) on 7/18/1948
  19. b. Bevan Smith (NZL) on 7/18/1950
  20. b. Robert Cassleman (USA) on 7/18/1952
  21. b. Pavel Litovchenko (URS) on 7/18/1952
  22. USA NR set by Franklin Wesley (Bud) Held (USA/Olympic Club) in the Javelin Throw - Old on 7/18/1953 with a performance of 76.40m (250-8) in Pasadena, California
  23. b. Toshihisa Yoshimoto (JPN) on 7/18/1953
  24. b. Allister Hutton (GBR) on 7/18/1954
  25. b. Chang-Sop Choe (PRK) on 7/18/1955
  26. b. Alfons Schellens (BEL) on 7/18/1956
  27. USA NR set by William Parry O'Brien Jr. (USA/Southern California Striders) in the Shot Put on 7/18/1959 with a performance of 19.26m (63-2 1/2) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  28. b. Herkie Walls (USA) on 7/18/1961
  29. b. Jon Jones (JAM) on 7/18/1962
  30. b. Nikolay Shilev (BUL) on 7/18/1963
  31. b. Olyeg Strizhakov (RUS) on 7/18/1963
  32. b. Walter Merlo (ITA) on 7/18/1965
  33. b. Thomas Fahner (GER) on 7/18/1966
  34. b. Daniel Dion (Dan) O'Brien (USA/Reebok) on 7/18/1966
  35. b. Dan O'Brien (USA/NONE) on 7/18/1966
  36. b. Harry Green (USA) on 7/18/1967
  37. b. Olatunji Olobia (NGR) on 7/18/1969
  38. b. Abdelkader Chekhemani (FRA) on 7/18/1971
  39. b. Noah Serem Kiplagat (KEN) on 7/18/1971
  40. b. Yevgeniy Tretyak (RUS) on 7/18/1971
  41. USA NR set by Steve R. Prefontaine (USA/Oregon TC) in the 2 Mile run on 7/18/1974 with a performance of 8:18.4 in Stockholm
  42. USA NR set by Richard Charles (Rick) Wohlhuter (USA/University of Chicago TC) in the 800 meter run on 7/18/1974 with a performance of 1:43.91 in Stockholm
  43. USA NR set by Martha Watson (USA/Lakewood International) in the Long Jump on 7/18/1974 with a performance of 6.59m (21-7 1/2) in Stockholm
  44. b. Masako Chiba (JPN) on 7/18/1976
  45. b. Shaun Williams (USA) on 7/18/1976
  46. b. Noah Bor (KEN) on 7/18/1977
  47. b. Justin Norberg (USA) on 7/18/1977
  48. b. Igor Pavlov (RUS) on 7/18/1979
  49. b. Mikk Pahapill (EST) on 7/18/1983
  50. b. Dimitrios Diamantaras (GRE) on 7/18/1984
  51. b. Takiru Jifar (ETH) on 7/18/1984
  52. b. Shinji Takahira (JPN) on 7/18/1984
  53. b. Bernard Matheka (KEN) on 7/18/1988
  54. b. Aleksandra Kudryashova (RUS) on 7/18/1990
  55. WR set by Jonathan David Edwards (GBR) in the Triple Jump on 7/18/1995 with a performance of 17.98m held at Disputacion de Salamanca in Salamanca

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