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Item Report for 02/22

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  1. b. Eric Valdemar Lemming (SWE) on 2/22/1880
  2. b. Jean-Jacques Prianon (FRA) on 2/22/1940
  3. b. Daniel Riedo (SUI) on 2/22/1942
  4. b. John Robertson (GBR) on 2/22/1942
  5. b. Nikolaos Argiris (GRE) on 2/22/1943
  6. b. Eugenijus Skapas (LIT) on 2/22/1943
  7. b. Stanislaw Skowronski (POL) on 2/22/1946
  8. b. John Greatrex (GBR) on 2/22/1948
  9. b. Wolfgang Hubner (GDR) on 2/22/1949
  10. b. Thomas Wessinghage (FRG) on 2/22/1952
  11. b. Michael Falz (GDR) on 2/22/1954
  12. b. Rick Walker (USA) on 2/22/1954
  13. b. Viktor Byelskiy (BLR) on 2/22/1955
  14. b. Detlef Kubeck (GER) on 2/22/1956
  15. b. Manfred Konow (GER) on 2/22/1958
  16. b. Simeon Kipkemboi (KEN) on 2/22/1959
  17. b. Kaoru Matsubara (JPN) on 2/22/1960
  18. b. Jean-Louis Prianon (FRA) on 2/22/1960
  19. b. Monde Tutani (RSA) on 2/22/1962
  20. b. Mark Smith (USA) on 2/22/1963
  21. b. Isaac Tanui Kiprotich (KEN) on 2/22/1964
  22. b. Tim McMichael (USA) on 2/22/1967
  23. b. Wander Do Prado Moura (BRA) on 2/22/1969
  24. b. William Kemei (KEN) on 2/22/1969
  25. b. Wander Moura (BRA) on 2/22/1969
  26. b. Pascal Theophile (FRA) on 2/22/1970
  27. b. Barry Smith (USA) on 2/22/1971
  28. b. Eric Taylor-Perry (USA) on 2/22/1972
  29. b. Einar Kristian Tveita (NOR) on 2/22/1973
  30. b. Javier Rodriguez (ESP) on 2/22/1974
  31. b. Yevgeniy Timofeyev (RUS) on 2/22/1974
  32. b. Chris Isegwe Njunguda (KEN) on 2/22/1976
  33. b. Mike Nicolini (CAN) on 2/22/1978
  34. b. James Ndungu (KEN) on 2/22/1979
  35. b. David Tuwei (KEN) on 2/22/1979
  36. b. Hidenori Noguchi (JPN) on 2/22/1980
  37. b. Brimin Kipruto (KEN) on 2/22/1982
  38. b. Richard Maiyo Kiprono (KEN) on 2/22/1982
  39. b. Tatyana Petlyuk (UKR) on 2/22/1982
  40. b. Povilas Mykolaitis (LIT) on 2/22/1983
  41. b. Yuki Yamaguchi (JPN) on 2/22/1984
  42. b. Jonathan Borlee (BEL) on 2/22/1988
  43. b. Kevin Borlee (BEL) on 2/22/1988

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