This Day in Athletics Project

This project, developed by Dr. Track, is currently underdevelopment. It has a database of interesting facts and statistics about what has happened in the sport of athletics. These items cover from the late 1800's to present. New items are being added to the database to expand the information and to keep it current / up-to-date.

We welcome suggestions for new material and graciously accept any materials that are submitted for inclusion. We also welcome any corrections. So, if you see an error in anything, please feel free to let us know and so it can be corrected.

The items included in the database for DIA include or will include:

The DIA display will randomly select and show ONE item from the database that happened on the day that you are visiting the DIA project. The number of available items is reported. With each refresh of the display, a new item is shown. If there are no items available for that day, then an item is randomly selected from the database and displayed.